1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and your neighbor as yourself.
2. Do what you say, say what you think, think what is true.
3. Subtract superfluities from your life, speech, desires and thoughts.
4. Don't initiate aggression against the persons or property of others, nor support people who do, including the people who "constitute" the government.
5. Respect life and natural law.
6. All people are endowed by their Creator with equal and inalienable rights to the earth and to the fruits of their own labor, and a "Citizen's Dividend" funded by a "Single Tax" on the unimproved value of land and other natural resources would be the fairest way to protect these rights.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Commenting on other blogs about Westboro Baptist Church, Platonism, Georgism, and the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

I was glad to see this blog has been picked up by the Zebby libertarian blog aggregator and the Quaker blog aggregator. My readership, however, not surprisingly for a new blog, remains sparse. The real fun in blogging takes place in the back-and-forth that goes on in the commentary of those blogs that have gained a wide readership. For some time I've been an active blog commenter, at least sporadically, especially at Ann Althouse, The Volokh Conspiracy, and Reason's Hit & Run. As I suggested in an earlier post, I think for now I'll concentrate on using this blog as a running compendium of my commentary on other blogs, commentary which is often sharpened and benefits by the responses of other commenters. I'll still occasionally initiate independent blog posts on news items that speak to me or random philosophical reflections as the spirit moves me.

Most recently I offered at Althouse's blog a response inspired by Plato's Symposium to the question whether there can be marriage in heaven, and several comments on the $11 million jury verdict against Westboro Baptist Church for emotional distress and invasion of privacy intentionally inflicted by its protest of a dead soldier's funeral (involving signs saying, among other hateful things, "God Hates Fags") and the ramifications of the verdict for the First Amendment.

A couple of my more noteworthy and substantive blog commentary from the past are a lengthy interaction with other commenters at Volokh Conspiracy about the evidence linking induced abortion with increased breast cancer risk and this debate with other commenters about Georgist principles and fair taxation, also at Volokh Conspiracy.